Triac Composites and artist Richard Streitmatter-Tran

Triac Composites, a Ho Chi Minh based boat builder and composite material innovator collaborates with Saigon based artist Richard Streitmatter-Tran


Triac Composites, HCMc

Triac are a boatbuilder and composite innovator based in HCMc.

Richard Streitmatter-Tran

Richard Streitmatter-Tran

Richards Practice and connecton to Manufacturing Creativity


For the past several years Richard has moved toward an immaterial practice based in new media and performance to a material one - primarily focused on sculpture, installation and painting. He is keen to discover new possibilities for art production and the UNESCO project uniquely pairs contemporary artists with the expertise and material knowledge of manufac-turing. By coupling industry know how with the creative community, he hopes that the proj-ect sows seeds for more longer sustainable engagements. For this work, Richard will be working with Triac Composites, a composite design and production company that creates large structures for the marine and train industries and he hopes to combine materials for sculptural installations.


Triac Composites

Triac Composites are a leading strong light weight structure manufacturer in Vietnam, using advance carbon fibre technology.  Triac has a number of international and local,  private and government clients. Triac design and build water vessels including the in-house 60’ Rapido Trimaran as well as yachts, power boats, coastal patrol boats and ferries. They produce Interiors of trainsships and boats, Building / architectural facades; and  specialise in high tech composites

The projects are varied and cover all shapes, sizes and strengths - all at a very low weight.