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We take a look at recycling and sustainable manufacturing success stories from media+ our factory and institutional partners


What are we seeing around the factories: recycling


In the Manufacturing Creativity project we have observed a high awareness of waste minimisation among our SME and large enterprise partners. Many factories and companies are proud of their efforts to date and keep a visible record of achievement in their offices. We see a range of approaches to meeting this omnipresent issue.

Some factories use traditional methods to recycle such as Hami Plastic Hanoi, who recycle plastic into new products. Some upcycle materials into more valuable products such as Noi Pallet Furniture Hanoi, who use recycled wood pallets to make furniture.  Some factories like Coca Cola, return their waste to the supplier for recycling, and others recycle directly back into their manufacturing system such as Fulin in Bien Hoa.

At Fulin we saw ribbons of clear plastic off cuts running on guided rails through the air at speed back into the central molten feeder, with the result being little or no waste visible in many of their spaces. One of our supporting organisations, Shoe company Dona Bitis in Bien Hoa,  sell material waste to local schools each Saturday at very low cost. 



However, still, some if not all need new ideas of what to do with the excess clean waste – which is where Manufacturing Creativity project plays a key role.  This need for waste minimisation is one of our key drivers for setting up a series of cross country collaborations between artists and designers and manufacturing communities to use clean waste for potential creative and innovative outcomes. The results will be exhibited to show the broader community what is possible, offering new approaches for reducing clean waste.


Clean waste collected for the 2016 Factory as Studio project

Coca Cola, re-packaging the packaging


Coca Cola is known for its focus on sustainability, and we were so pleased to hear that much of the waste they produce in the factory is returned to the company suppliers for re use.

This month sees the launch of the Art of Recycling Award in Vietnam, an award for artists and community to focus on developing creative uses for used plastic.

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Coca Cola Sustainability programs in Vietnam

Coca Cola Sustainability programs in Vietnam


Artist meets Industry

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Focus on the Potential of Creative Action


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