Lap Phoung and Lai Dieu Ha

In another twist on the types of collaborations that are possible in factories artist Lai Dieu Ha has teamed up with Lap Phoung to explore the life in the factory and develop creative outcomes based on this experience.


Lap Phoung

Lai Dieu Ha is collaborating with Leisure Shoe Manufacturer in HCMc, Lap Phoung which is owned by Mr .Phung Nhuyen Duy Mẫn.

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Le Dieu Ha

Le Dieu Ha is planning to experiment with shoe lasts and get to know the factory community in order to develop her creative response. She has an affinity with sewing, in particular the handmade through sewing, and is interested in all the maker practices and material and process skills in evidence at Lap Phoung.

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Lap Phoung

Lap Phoung makes vulcanised rubber shoes from the sole to the upper, putting them all together and shipping them off to clients all over the world. The factory is about to upscale and move to another location north of HCMc. Lap Phoung leisure shoes are custom made for clients all over the world. Many of the processes are still handmade.